Web Design for Effective On Page SEO

Quality Website Design is vital for effective SEO. How can the search engine rank your site well if it doesn’t know what to rank it for? Your Page Title is an important element on your page as it contains the first words that the search engines see. Make sure that you use the Title element to carry your main keywords.

Using alt text is important if you want to maximise your SEO attributes for the search engines. Your images are just white spaces to the search engines, so by adding alt tags you are giving valuable information that the search engines love. Maximise your SEO by adding alt text to each image on your page.

Heading Tags, H1 to H6 will help you to identify for the search engines the subject of your content. You are unlikely to have a page heading “Lawn Mowers” if your page is about “Tea Spoons”, so they reinforce the strength of your page considerably. Use them wherever you can to maximise your search engine results.

If your page contains a paragraph on many different subjects then it will be ranked as a general info page, but if you have a page dedicated to a specific subject then you will rank higher as the page will be considered more important for the search engines searchers.

Make sure that you include all of the keywords that you need to rank for. The search engines aren’t in the business of guessing what you want to rank for, so make sure that you tell them exactly. You should avoid spamming your keywords, aiming not to repeat any more than 10 – 12 times on a page, assuming that your page does contain several hundred words of content.

Clever graphic design can be a disaster for your rankings. If your site is built in flash then the search engines will struggle to know what your pages are about. The same applies to your navigation, if the search engines can’t follow your links to your pages, then your pages won’t be ranked. Clean simple Website Design if often the most SEO friendly.

Avoid using “Black Hat” SEO techniques as your site will soon be removed when the search engines catch you. If you cheat to get to the top of a competitive search then your competitors will report you, and if you target low volume keywords instead, you will not gain any benefit so why are you bothering? Long term, quality content is king.

In Summary, concentrating on effective design is essential for good SERPS, planning your site layout before it is build can buy you free rankings that will take a lot longer with an inefficient site design.

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