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Climate change = Taxable commodity

June 19, 2008

Call me cynical if you will, but surely all the current climate change scaremongering is just an effective way of encouraging Joe public to cough up more tax pounds?

The maths just doesn’t add up like Al Gore would like it to. For example;

Carbon dioxide makes up only 0.04% of the atmosphere, which is 400 parts per million. I will gladly concede that Man is responsible for 4% of this Carbon dioxide production, while nature accounts for the rest.

The UK produces approx 2% of world Carbon dioxide emissions, so for example all our flights account for 6% of 2% of 0.04%, which for those of you without a calculator equals bugger all.

The largest greenhouse gas produced is water vapour……… it has over 28 times the impact of other greenhouse gases such as methane.

In total worldwide man made co2 counts for less than 0.15% of all greenhouse gases.

What has happened is that politicians have created the perfect villian, whereby a semi natural event of our planet warming up ( anyone hear about the Ice Age?) has become an international money raiser.

Yes, I agree it is not good that the planet is warming up….. sea levels rising is a bad thing, people will be displaced etc…. but our politicians might as well decide to make the earth spin the other way round…… as they have as much chance of doing that as they do cooling it down.

It is like the fleas on a dogs back deciding they want to tell the dog where to go………

We need to addapt to the changing climate…… and frankly a few lightless light bulbs, less TV’s on standby and composting your potato peelings isn’t gonna make the dog change direction.

We are just paracites living off the resources on this little lump of damp rock that is spinning through space. In essence we got lucky as this little rock is surrounded by air we can breathe, water we can drink and energy resources we can plunder…. which is exactly what we have done. We will eventually move on. In the centuries to come we will decamp to a new planet as yet undiscovered, rich with the ingredients that we require. We are fortunate that the Earth is within our temperature band at all, that it is close enough to the sun to benefit from its nuclear heat without frying us.

As normal we are being made to pay for something that will not be resolved at all. While the UK is strangled by global warming red tape and business is throttled as a result, the rest of the world, especially the third world, continues to pollute without let up………. frankly it is a joke, like having a no pissing section in a swimming pool!