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Apple overtake Microsoft in size

May 28, 2010

Apple have just pipped Microsoft to the title of largest tech company. Now with a capitalisation of $222 Billion, they have knocked Microsoft into second with only $219 Billion value.

The popularity of Apples hardware is difficult to argue with and when compared with the relative unpopularity (inspite of it’s use) of the windows platform. With the Uk launch today of the iPad, Apples star is on the rise.


Get your site ready for Bing Search on Yahoo

July 31, 2009

With the marriage of Yahoo and Microsoft now done, the honeymoon process of integration is going to begin.

The result for us is that rather than three main search engines we will only have two to think about.

With Microsoft recently unveiling Bing as its new search engine model, now is the time to familiarise yourself with the intricate workings of this product.

Many Bing features are substancially different to Google so taking the time to learn how to get the best from Bing as well as how best to present your site to Bing is important.

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Microsoft to offer Office online for free

July 21, 2009

The battle for online dominance between Google and Microsoft shows no sign of letting off. Microsoft are in the process of moving their operations further towards “Cloud” Computing with a free version of Microsoft Office available early in 2010.

It is unlikely that Microsoft would be making this move if it wasn’t for Googles bold attempt to stand toe to toe with Microsoft by launching Google Docs.

Google Docs has only a tiny share of the market currently, mostly personal, but it is currently signing up 3000 business customers daily and this figure is set to rise.

The online version of Office will be a pared down version, so you will still need to buy the full software to use all of its features.

With Microsoft trying to strike back into Googles core revenues with Bing and it’s projected Yahoo tie up, it looks like the next decade is going to be more than a little interesting, as google and Microsoft slug it out for supremacy. One thing is for sure, we are all going to benefit from this ongoing battle and in addition we are not going to be paying for it.