F1 News

THe 8 team breakaway series looks to be back on as the FIA position themselves for confrontation. The representatives were informed as they met with the FIA to discuss the rules for 2010 that they would be unable to contribute as they were not registered for the championship. Charlie Whiting insisted that the 8 team bosses leave the meating and talks were only discussed with the 5 teams with a “Full” 2010 application.

The 8 teams, through their association FOTA said that as they had been declared in the FIA statement of 2010 entrants then they should be allowed into talks.

Then someone mentioned that Bernie was running things like a little Hitler and it all went downhill from there.  Next thing you know he will try to annexe FOTA and probably invade Silverstone………

It is believed that CVC the equity company who bought 67% of Bernie’s  Fiefdom in 2001 are having a few sleepless nights as without the 8 teams onboard, they own 67% of not very much at all.

Max looks set to leave with a bang….. no pun intended, or maybe declare himself life president of  the FIA, while Bernie doesn’t want to leave at all. FOTA are keen to increase their revenue share while the FIA are on the ropes and they have the opportunity to do so.

Will we have a breakaway series next year? Will Max clear his desk and leave the FIA and F1 to rebuild their tattered reputations? At this time it is too close to call…..


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