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Apple Shares Predicted to hit $1000

April 4, 2012

Analysts have predicted that Apple shares still have a long way to go from their current April 2012  value of $630.

Apple share have so far risen 50% so far this year, and are predicted to continue to rise on the strength of Apples strong product range, and forthcoming Apple TV products.

Brian White from Topeca Capital Markets states his case for the rise and includes such factors as the management of Tim Cook who took over from Steve Jobs as showing the markets that the company is in safe hands. Since Tim Cook took over, the share price has increased by over 60%, showing that the company is robust and has a strong future after the incredible success of Steve Jobs.

Apple are being predicted to be the worlds first $1 Trillion company, on the back of future growth in China and other emerging markets for the new iPhone, iPad, iPods and Apple TV.

Where will the share price end up?

Give us your opinions?