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Apple iPad Sales hit 2 Million

June 1, 2010

Within a few weeks of its US Launch, and only days since its UK and European launch, iPad has proved another hit for the Apple stable.

The actual practical usefulness of the iPad is yet to be confirmed, but as a “Large iPhone” concept it seems to be popular. Whether this continues over time is yet to be seen as the iPad does lack some of the more basic connectivity of notebooks, with features such as usb ports and card readers absent. This might make the iPad less practical in real life than has been imagined.

With 2 million in sales in the first few weeks after launch, the iPad is doing better that the iPhone did on it’s launch, which is mightily impressive, especially in the current difficult trading conditions.

Is the iPad set to become the default home surfing device? It does look like it. As a sitting room device it sits between a pda and a notebook, not a serious work tool maybe, but it certainly seems to have garnered an immediate fan base.