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Google defy China

March 23, 2010

Google closed it’s Chinese search last night after refusing to be censored by the Chinese government. Google had been violating Chinese law by redirecting Google search to an off shore website in Hong Kong.
Tension is now escalating between China and the US over the matter.

What does this mean for Chinese Search? Not much, it’s all censored anyway!


Facebook take on Google

March 23, 2010

For the first time, Google have been knocked off top spot by Facebook. In terms of global page views in February, Facebook achieved 400 million, beating Google and sending out a message to its rival.

The big question for both sites, is one of convergence, where are they heading? Currently Facebook doesn’t tread on Googles toes in Search, b ut the potential clearly exists for a new form of search to evolve, whereby feedback from within a specific demographic provides the rankings for search results. Imagine a Facebook search engine offering “Restaurants in London” based on the recommendations of your peer group, be that 18 – 25 year olds, 50 – 60 year olds etc. These two demographics will clearly want different solutions, and Facebook can offer the information to its swelling band of visitors.

Mark Zuckenberg confidently expects to achieve 1 Billion regular Facebook users within a few years, and with a little development, it is not impossible to create a worthy rival to Googles search monopoly, but with the added advantage that “Social Proof” provides.

Facbook has made a profit for the first time and whilst this is currently a fraction of googles income, $1 Billion a year is a very healthy balance sheet.

Where Search is heading is never clear, but the potential exists for Facebook to create a giant killer search engine, fueled but votes from its own users.

Watch this space…….

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Boris the Bull uses “Healthy V” Herbal Viagra to regain his Mojo

March 6, 2010
Boris the Bull in the News for finding his mojo with Healthy V
Boris the Bull in the News for finding his mojo with Healthy V


Have you herd? Boris The Bull had a big bendy problem. His wonky winky made him more of a dud than a stud. Instead of breeding stock he had turned into a laughing stock.

A bull that can’t cut the mustard is no use to a farmer, so the death sentence was passed and Boris was on his way to become burgers.

Bull uses Healthy V to regain his Mojo>

"Boris the Bull" with lead back in his pencil!!

He should have made the trip to the abattoir three weeks ago but farmer Dave Joyce from Heronsbrook Farm in Solihull, Warwicks came up with a novel solution to save his hide.

He fed his not-so-prize 4- year- old French Limousin bull a concentrated diet of herbal Viagra for a week and just two days before the appointed slaughter hour Boris literally straightened out his problem.

Now Boris is back in business in a big way.

“Boris developed this problem about a year ago and couldn’t finish off what he started with the cows,” Dave Joyce, 41, said. “For some reason his tackle would veer off at 45 degrees at the vital moment and all was lost.”

“Now he is totally on the straight and narrow and calves are back on the agenda. It means we don’t have to turn him into burgers. He is on a rigid regime of the herb formula in his daily feed”

The idea of herbal Viagra came to Farmer Joyce after his assistant, Rob Smith, 52, extolled the virtues of an internet product.

Healthy V, safe, natural viagra

Healthy V, safe, natural viagra

“Rob raved on about this stuff called and I thought that if it worked for him why it wouldn’t work on Boris,” Mr. Joyce said. “We bought a box of the stuff and started mixing it in with Boris’s feed.”

The capsules are a blend of Horny Goat Weed, Cordyceps, Damiana, Avena Sativa and Muira Puama – all laying claim to rev up your love life.

“Within a couple of days everything changed. Boris was doing his stuff.”

So impressed was Farmer Joyce that he now includes the formula in his sausages.

“We did it for Valentine’s Day as a gimmick,” he said. “We thought sausages with herbal Viagra for a romantic meal would be a laugh but we weren’t sure if people would actually buy them – especially at £10 a pound because the herbs are expensive. We call them ‘Bang Bang Sausages.’ ”

“The local BBC radio did a piece on it more for a novelty than anything”

“But we sold out within hours. Now people can’t get enough. We have a farm shop and for the first time since we opened we have queues outside. We are restricting customers to two pounds each so everybody can have some. The saucy sausages are outselling the normal ones by ten to one”

“The only complaint was from a man who bought six and said that three didn’t work.”

“As they say in the herbal Viagra business this is going to be big. We are very bullish about the future and we have Boris to thank for it.”

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