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How to get new leads in a recession

October 31, 2009

Ok, so there is a recession happening at the moment. Times are tough for many people without doubt, but not for everyone. Some people are thriving despite the recession.

To find out why, we need to ask ourselves a few important questions?

– Where do our customers come from?

– Do we look for them in the same place that we always have or have we evolved with changing times?

– Are we proactive about finding clients?

Many businesses have almost no marketing structure at all, but instead rely upon old fashioned, outdated marketing methods that have “always” worded in the past. Often the drop off in new client acquisition has occurred so slowly that nobody noticed the business contracting until a recession arrives and you get knocked for six.

Once upon a time you could place an advert in Yellow Pages and customers would ring you up. This worked well, because Yellow Pages had a monopoly on services advertising. “Everyone” used them if they wanted to find a tradesman, service, product etc. Over the last ten years or so, that has changed. All of those hot leads that used to find you in Yellow Pages no longer look there. Instead they look ……. on-line.

In particular, over 80% of your potential customers look on Google…….. these are people that are actively looking for the product or service that you sell. A percentage will only be “Window Shopping” but they will be considering a purchase none the less. If your website is positioned to appear in front of these active prospects then you will have a constant stream of highly qualified leads beating a path to your door.

Creating good quality sales leads should be looked at as a multi layered process. Search engine optimization will give you a prominent position in front of high targeted prospects. A “list” building system will allow you to build a relationship with these prospects and to convert them into customers. A PPC campaign will allow you “Instant” access to prospects while your SEO campaign is gathering pace. The use of “Social Media” such as Twitter, Facebook and Myspace will also let you drive traffic to your website.

Your website will need to convert traffic from prospects into paying customers, otherwise, what is the point? Using the correct systems your site should act as an effective sales funnel, driving your prospects to take the action that you desire.

Seen as a combined whole, your internet marketing should perform two functions, firstly it should drive traffic to your site, and then it should allow you to either make a sale or to capture the prospects email address so that you can make a sale to them at a later date.

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