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13 Tools you need to Make money on Twitter

August 26, 2009

If you are serious about using Twitter as a business tool then you will need to get yourself a collection of the best tools that you can.

1/. Use Twitterfeed to automatically post each blog entry that you write onto your Twitter page within minutes of you publishing it. This saves you having to do two things.

2/. Alternatively, you can use as most Tweeters do, to not only shorten your blog url, but also to automatically post your Tweet at the same time. This saves you having to copy and paste into Twitter.

3/. Tweetmeme – which lists popular Tweets as well as offering a retweet button for your site pages.

4/. Monitter – Lets you stream tweets from three different topics in real time onto your screen. Really useful especially for news events.

5/. Twiturly – tracks and ranks the top URLs that people are talking about on Twitter. A great way of tracking not just your posts, but who else is talking about your site.

6/. Tweetlater – allows you to set up tweets to be posted later that day or week. This has advantages and disadvantages, for example many people get irate if they think that you aren’t sending tweets live. If they read a tweet minutes after you publish it, then want to contact you or strike up a conversation and you aren’t there to talk then they may well “unfollow” you. Personally I think for the convenience of spreading your tweets out rather than sending several close together then it is worth the potential downside risks. Tweetlater also has the facility to automatically follow anyone who follows you, as well as automatically unfollowing anyone who unfollows you too. This will save you hours as you build your list.

7/. Tweepsearch – as your followers grow, keeping up with them can be difficult. This app allows you to read their biography information in a listed format.

8/. Klout – allows you to measure your influence as it grows within Twitter.

9/. Twittercounter – shows you your Twitter statistics as your followers grow over time.

10/. Tweetdeck – Is my favourite tool for keeping up with twitter in real time.

11/. Twibes – Is a great place to find new people to follow, and new groups(Tribes – Twibes) to join.

12/. TwitterBackgrounds – Customise your page with a free background.

13/. Twitterberry – Is a Blackberry app that allows you to post tweets from your phone…. Just like Stephen Fry did when he was stuck in a lift recently.

For further information, or to have all of this set up for you, please visit Twitter Knowledge.