What will the Microsoft Yahoo tie up mean to you?

While it was an open secret that a tie up was on the cards, what is less clear is what the marriage will actually mean. It is being described as a revenue sharing platform, or to put it another way, Microsoft are going to be running their search engine on Yahoo’s pages, along with their ppc and then sharing the revenue with Yahoo.

This will give Microsoft a far larger audience than it has on it’s own, but the question has to be…… If Microsoft has a better search engine, why is it in third place in the tables? Wouldn’t it make more sense to roll out Yahoo’s search engine onto Microsofts platform?

I suppose that the thought is that Bing is a superior product that to date has not had sufficient time to prove itself. On that basis it does perhaps make sense for Yahoo to adopt Bing.

The probably result is that their combined market share will not be hugely affected, it might even possibly be hurt as unhappy Yahoo users defect to Google.

One probable change that will affect the seo community is the loss of Yahoo Site Explorer. Currently the best resource for competitor backlinks numbers, without it an opportunity exists for someone to step in and provide an accurate service.

As we all know, Google won’t release accurate backlink data on competitor sites, Bing doesn’t release anything, and Alta vista takes their data from Yahoo.

How this useful feature of Yahoo is going to be replaced is currently not clear, but there are many in the world of SEO who will need a replacement sooner rather than later.


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