Living with Computers

I have spent the last two days trying to fix a freezing up problem with a pc in the office. Ordinarily this wouldn’t present too much of an issue, but this pc runs all my seo reporting software for all my clients. As a consequence I have no month end reports to deliver and little hope of producing them any time soon.

The software creator isn’t the most helpful chap so moving to a different pc is time consuming and fraught with agro. My PC man has assured me that it will be working today…… we will see, as i am not convinced.

I have used the reporting software, Agent Web Ranking for a couple of years, and although it is expensive  it has given the most accurate results I have been able to find online. If anyone knows of  a better, cheaper way of providing accurate ranking results then please let me know?

Sometimes I wonder why I work with computers, they make my head hurt!


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