How to make your Website sell for you – day 1

There is one thing that I can guarantee that you require, and that is more sales.

It is a universal issue for every business, large and small. There are many areas that you can focus on in order to gain sales. I want to focus on your online activities.

It would be nice to think that all you needed to do is to publish your website and customers will come running. Sadly this rarely happens, you need to not only drive prospects to your website, but once there you need to convince them to buy from you. There are many things that need to occur in order for your site to make a successful sale, we are going to concentrate on the areas that you can change at little or no cost yourself today.

It is very important that you grab your customers when they land on your site, to do this you need a headline that will show them that you understand their problem and that they have found the answer for it. Most companies treat their website like they treat their advertising, half the ad/website is taken up by their name and logo, and the actual product, service or solution is stuck down the bottom almost as an afterthought.

Switch your priorities and write your website from your prospects point of view, you will increase your sales overnight as each visitor will be sure as they land on your site that you can provide the solution that they require.     

So go now and re write your opening paragraph on your website, so that it no longer reads ” Hi, thanks for stopping by, we are J Kibble and Sons and have been selling English apples since 1874″ to ” Do you miss gorgeous crunchy English apples? We provide the crunchiest apples grown in the UK today……. see our huge variety selection below…..”

Which would you stick around and read?

Tomorrow my next top tip for increased sales…….


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