Max Mosley backs down and agrees to resign in October

After all his posturing, it looks like the teams association FOTA have won their battle to have Max Mosley removed from the FIA. He will Resign in October, having also agreed to abandon ideas for a financial cap on teams for 2010 and 2011.

The teams have won an important victory and shown their strength to a now weakened FIA . This is the best outcome for the good of the sport in general, now we will at least have one unified championship even if it is running at venues that have to use cardboard cutouts in the stands instead of real fans.

If we could only get Bernie to go back to the proper race tracks that support proper fans, such as Silverstone then we might have a great F1 Championship once more.  

Ron Dennis was reported to have said ” Ha bloody Ha” – not really, I made that bit up.


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