Defiant Mosley determined to go down with sinking ship

Max Mosley is determined that in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, that he is right and the only man who can rescue F1 from the right mess he has made of it.

In much the same way as dear old Gordon believes that as the instigator of our economic malaise he is the only one capable of fixing it, so Max truly believes the same.

He is determined to run the championship next yearm in spite of having no one who wants to race in his series. That to Max is nothing more than a stumbling block which he will probably just ignore anyway. The press release will read something like ” Closest racing ever seen…..” as a couple of non entities battle to come what would have been 18th and 19th on this years grid.

It is undoubtedly almost time for Bernie to jump ship and side with the teams in order to protect his own business which is likely to be worth precisely nothing if Max continues to lead as only max can.

I can see Bernie positioning himself at the head of the teams before long in order to protect his comercial rights. He is under pressure from CVC to whom he sold 50% of his business in 2001. Without the teams he has no business, and he will be far more aware of that than Max clearly is.

The whole F1 fraternity from fans down are now aware that Max needs to go. He should have been happy that he had Ron Dennis’s head, and gave his team Mclaren a realy good spanking financially. It makes you wonder what lengths you have to go to in order to satisfy Max in any way shape or form?


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