Promoting your Website – The Basics

Once upon a time a man decided to sell buckets, so he found a bucket wholesaler, rented premises on a busy high street where he would get lots of business  and set about  selling his buckets. He placed adverts in the local papers, had a large display out side his shop and his customers loved him. He sold buckets by the ton, and very soon he became a wealthy man.

Thesey were the halcyon days of bucket selling, marketing buckets was simple, he was the only bucket seller in town and so he had the market to himself.

Then one day, he heard that a bucket shop had opened across town in a cheaper area where costs were lower. In the new shop buckets were stacked 50 high in a huge warehouse. They sold their buckets mail order as well as to the public.The new shop was selling buckets for half the cost of his. He started to panic, he couldn’t compete with that, he couldn’t buy his buckets as cheap as the new shop was selling them……..

This picture has replicated itself across every product in every town in the country, the way in which  goods are sold has been transformed by several things. Firstly by the ability to market online 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Secondly by ofshore manufacturing. It is much cheaper to make goods in the far east and ship them to wealthy countries. The cost of manufacture can be slashed to pence on almost everything you can think of.

Effective marketing takes several forms, but in this global economy in which we live, the internet rules business. People consult one portal in their masses……Google.

Google gives lists of websites that it feels will provide the products or services that are related to your search. It has become very good at doing this and has an effective monopoly with 80% of all search traffic. What google created was a super busy high street of highly qualified traffic. Imagine you could pick up your shop and put it anywhere you wanted. I would put my bucket shop in a high street full of people that only wanted to buy buckets.

Can you see why Google is such a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website? You can pick select keywords, and see how much traffic currently exists for them. You then know what website traffic to expect once you get your site into the top ten for that keyword.     

By doing this we can take the guess work out of our marketing, because we know how many people will be on our “High Street” tomorrow and the next day. All you then need is to get into the top ten…….. that’s the easy bit………. visit Search Engine Optimization For more details


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