Automated Sales Calls – the plague

Tell me something?…….. somewhere sits a man,….. a business man who in his wisdom has concluded that if he bombards the UK public with recorded messages selling, gas, electricity, debt help etc that we the public will thank him for this useful and thoughtful service and sign up to whatever tat he is peddling.

Are you kidding me? Selling is a skill, a talent. It required rapore, an understanding of  basic psychology, empathy with your prospect, dialogue.

Carpet bombing Great Britain with this low cost, low effort automated irritant has just introduced a new low into our lives. No doubt they will make a few sales and no doubt a profit too, but what about us, the masses who have this dross inflicted upon us. I am signed up to the preference service, but to no avail, it seems that these auto sales companies can bypass that system and call me anyway. On Sunday evening at 9.45 pm wanting me to change gas suppliers.

I will tell you one thing, and might I recommend that you do the same. I have a rule, it is this, “Never do business with people who piss you off cold calling you….. it just encourages them.”

I have yet to listen to a whole message in order to be able to make contact with the dumb arse at the other end, but if they don’t desist shortly I will be suing them for harassment, invasion of privacy etc

Join me in repelling this sales blight from our lives, only if we show a united front can we stop these lazy, unimaginative companies from invading our lives on a daily basis.


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