How long Can Gordon Last?

It is a rapidly growing belief that the stabbing in the front will soon turn into stabbing in the back, just as soon as the Eurn Election results come in on Sunday. It is now clear just how untenable Gordons tenure has become and for all his declarations that he will soldier on long enough to guarantee that this country never recovers from his reign, I for one believe his conviction even less than he does.

It seems to me that he was trying to convince himself, not us when he stood up to speak “Candidly” to us.

If I had top put money on it, I would bet that he is gone by Tuesday night. Having aborted his reshuffle in favour of a suicide pact with brutus et al, having all but sacked Alistair Darling last week, only to lack the balls to carry it out for fear of creating another enemy, his position has never been weaker.

On top of all this, the Telegraph has clearly been sitting on the information published this morning that Gordon claimed expenses on two houses at the same time for a sum similar to Darling who he refered to as unacceptable.

There is a part of me that thinks I am being generous giving him 72 more hours in power…….


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