More rats desert the sinking ship….

I am no great fan of Gordons, but I still find myself baulking at the level of back stabbing (or should that read front stabbing?) that some of his self serving, free loading puppets have recently undertaken. A good percentage of this great nations MP’s seem to be blessed with an aggressively misguided sense of unjustified entitlement. 

They seem to have forgotten who put them there in the first place……. who was that?…… His Tonyiness, that’s who…. teflon tony, who could see the writing on the wall way back when, and ensured that he was nowhere to be seen when the pack of cards came crashing in.

It has to be said at this point, that if the ship is indeed sinking then the rats do have a valid point. Whether it is necessary to bite the captain for crashing the boat in the first place before you leave is debatable.

As Gordon never tires of telling us, it is a Global crisis, not a national one……. except that someone did a couple of things a while back that haven’t helped much at all…….. hands up who gave the Bank of England it’s independence, but still directly employ its chief?……. hands up who deregulated the banking system thus enabling the subprime crisis in the first place? ………hands up who sold off the bulk of the UK’s Gold reserves at bottom price so he could pay for the nations GP’s to upgrade from Boxters to Carrera 2’s? …… Hands up who sold of the remaining North sea oil fields to European companies leaving us without a natural supply of oil or gas and leaving us at the mercy of imported fuel, mostly from stable, rational friendly countries like Russia? ……… how do we stand any chance of controlling our pump prices when we have no oil in the first place……?

If we should ever find ourselves isolated again like we were 65 years ago then we are truly screwed, due mostly to Gordon and his crew of parasites………

I am dying to see how he reorganises his remaining rats today……….  how many will accept a role on a ship when the water is already up to there knees?

I’ll also tell you who has been overly quiet so far….. David Milliband…… who’s friend and supporter James Purnell quit last night……   staying true to the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” Gordon will have plenty of room where his friends used to stand for his enemies to gather.


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