Jump before you are pushed 2

Tell me something, if you had dreamt about one job ever since you were a wee lad, coveted that job, pursued it sparing nothing, stood aside in order to let someone you consider your intellectual inferior take the post before you, on the promise that you will inherit the job of your dreams ten years or so later…….

……. now you have the job, have made a complete and utter arse of yourself executing the role and alienated all your workmates, huger swathes of your customers and the popular press too…. …… wouldn’t you feel just a tad of a berk?

I know I would……. if you had managed to piss off your closest work collegues to the extent that they(Hazel Blears)  will hang on to the shattered remnants of their own spent carreer, just so they can resign at the worst possible moment for you, you must know deep down that this just isn’t the job for you.

His niche job was being Chancellor during an economic boom so he could rape the countries finances in order to pay doctors too much. During a recession he has lacked the heavyweight clout that a country needs. His strategy is to do things differently to 1929. Don’t let unprofitable, mismanaged business’s go bust, prop them up with tax payers money so they keep paying the wage bill. That is better than the consequent unemployment…… is it?

Time will tell


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