Bless you Darling

Alistair Darling has got to be the most inappropriate chancellor of the exchequer that we have had for generations.

Rule no.1:

If you are the man in charge of the countries money, especially during difficult times such as these, you must definately, at all costs, keep your own finances under control and under no circumstances can you ever allow your fiscal reputation to be called into question.  

Rule no.2:

When you are caught stealing from tax payers – which is what has happened here, it is best to admit to it rather than attempt to a/ deny it first, b/ later admit to it but claim it was not important.

If he has done nothing wrong, why has he paid the money back? There seem to be a large amount of MP’s who are so adamant that they have done nothing wrong, they are returning the money to prove it!

I heard a great description of the situation last week.

MP’s are currently saying ” There is piss in our swimming pool, therefore swimming pools are bad and must be changed.”

We on the other hand are saying ” There is piss in your swimming pool because you have been pissing in it.”

Thanks to David Mitchell – Have I got news for You. 29-05-09

If it was me and I had done nothing wrong, I wouldn’t feel compelled to return the money. Only if I felt bad about what I had done, knowing it to be wrong would I hold my hands up and give it back, which leads us to the next question….

…. at what point did the collective moral compass of the house of commons scream for justice for the tax payer?…. was it each time one of them received payment for one of their expense claims or was it (as if often the case with more traditional criminals) when they were exposed as free loading, self promoting parasites and had little choice.

For all the huffing and puffing…….. take Gordon Brown on sunday, saying that he has been saying for two years that the system needs changing……. Well Gordon….. newsflash…… if you can’t be arsed to do something about it who will? You are the PM (at the time of writing at least!) if you can’t make things happen no body can. To say that you wanted it to be changed two years ago smacks of a/ desperation b/ looking even more useless than you did before the scandal.



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