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Max Mosley backs down and agrees to resign in October

June 24, 2009

After all his posturing, it looks like the teams association FOTA have won their battle to have Max Mosley removed from the FIA. He will Resign in October, having also agreed to abandon ideas for a financial cap on teams for 2010 and 2011.

The teams have won an important victory and shown their strength to a now weakened FIA . This is the best outcome for the good of the sport in general, now we will at least have one unified championship even if it is running at venues that have to use cardboard cutouts in the stands instead of real fans.

If we could only get Bernie to go back to the proper race tracks that support proper fans, such as Silverstone then we might have a great F1 Championship once more.  

Ron Dennis was reported to have said ” Ha bloody Ha” – not really, I made that bit up.


Defiant Mosley determined to go down with sinking ship

June 24, 2009

Max Mosley is determined that in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, that he is right and the only man who can rescue F1 from the right mess he has made of it.

In much the same way as dear old Gordon believes that as the instigator of our economic malaise he is the only one capable of fixing it, so Max truly believes the same.

He is determined to run the championship next yearm in spite of having no one who wants to race in his series. That to Max is nothing more than a stumbling block which he will probably just ignore anyway. The press release will read something like ” Closest racing ever seen…..” as a couple of non entities battle to come what would have been 18th and 19th on this years grid.

It is undoubtedly almost time for Bernie to jump ship and side with the teams in order to protect his own business which is likely to be worth precisely nothing if Max continues to lead as only max can.

I can see Bernie positioning himself at the head of the teams before long in order to protect his comercial rights. He is under pressure from CVC to whom he sold 50% of his business in 2001. Without the teams he has no business, and he will be far more aware of that than Max clearly is.

The whole F1 fraternity from fans down are now aware that Max needs to go. He should have been happy that he had Ron Dennis’s head, and gave his team Mclaren a realy good spanking financially. It makes you wonder what lengths you have to go to in order to satisfy Max in any way shape or form?

A Fantastic Day For Motorsport

June 19, 2009

So here we are, on the eve of a possible breakaway Formula 1 series. It has been threatened in various forms for years, but now it is looking like a reality. It is time surely for Max and Bernie to relinquish their strangle hold on the sport and allow it to breathe once more.

I am looking forward to seeing some racing on some of the popular race tracks that Bernie discarded on the grounds of affordability. Silverstone will be a great centerpiece for the new FOTA series, how he must be regretting his fall ont with the BRDC now?

Max and Bernie are it seems, two bitter old men, who are stubbornly refusing to listen to reason and seem determined to ruin the great sport that they have been the caretakers of for so long. They don’t seem to realise that it is the teams and drivers that sell tickets and put bums on seats, not F1 itself, which is merely the umbrella that they race under. Without Ferrari and the existing big teams, Bernie and Max have nothing, they have A1 GP, or GP2 and nothing more. They will be running nothing more than at best a feeder series for the real F1 series.

It isn’t good for the sport to split like this, look at what happened to Indy when they split?

It is time for Max to go, it is time for Bernie to go. We need younger, saner people running the sport or soon we will have no sport at all.

Unemployment hits 12 year high

June 18, 2009

Latest figures out show that in the three months to May 09 unemployment rose by a staggering 250,000, a rise of 12.5% in just three months.

It is estimated that up to 500,000 new school and college leavers will fail to find work this summer adding drastically to the already spiralling jobless total.

All the signs are that this will get worse before it starts to recover.

It is also considered likely that there will be a large contingent of Labour MP’s joining the dole queue shortly.

Was Dr Beeching Wrong?

June 16, 2009

Back in the sixties, Dr Beeching changed forever the way that we travel in the UK….. or rather he didn’t. We had already changed the way that we travelled, he just did what was necessary and closed loads of train lines that didn’t get used enough.

Now that seems set to be reversed as 300 miles of line and up to 40 new stations are set to be opened, or reopened.

I have long had a problem with Trains. If you are traveling long distance go by air, it is faster, cheaper and as such more rewarding. If you are going short distances then how are you going to make the last part of your journey. Public transport is so poor in most areas of the UK that you are forced to finish your last part of the journey by taxi, or worse of all, to travel by the devil of all motorised transport, the public bus.

The main problem with trains is that they don’t go where we need them to. Fancy doing some shopping? How close will the train get you to your local retail park? And assuming you can get there, are you really going to struggle home on the train when you and your shopping can drive home from door to door?

The reason that Dr Beeching made such huge cuts is that outside of commuting and students going back to University for half price, nobody uses trains because the car will take you where you want to go, whereas a train will take you to the town nearest to where you want to go.

It is said that there is demand for these lines to be reopened, but I doubt it. If you asked the right people you could find a nostalgic bunch prepared to vote for the reinstitution of local rail lines, but not people who will actually use the trains once they are there.

Twenty years ago, we were providing a £1 Billion (inflation adjusted) a year subsidy to the trains, in 2009 it is £5 Billion and has been for a few years.

Is this the price we pay to get traffic off the roads?

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Promoting your Website – The Basics

June 15, 2009

Once upon a time a man decided to sell buckets, so he found a bucket wholesaler, rented premises on a busy high street where he would get lots of business  and set about  selling his buckets. He placed adverts in the local papers, had a large display out side his shop and his customers loved him. He sold buckets by the ton, and very soon he became a wealthy man.

Thesey were the halcyon days of bucket selling, marketing buckets was simple, he was the only bucket seller in town and so he had the market to himself.

Then one day, he heard that a bucket shop had opened across town in a cheaper area where costs were lower. In the new shop buckets were stacked 50 high in a huge warehouse. They sold their buckets mail order as well as to the public.The new shop was selling buckets for half the cost of his. He started to panic, he couldn’t compete with that, he couldn’t buy his buckets as cheap as the new shop was selling them……..

This picture has replicated itself across every product in every town in the country, the way in which  goods are sold has been transformed by several things. Firstly by the ability to market online 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Secondly by ofshore manufacturing. It is much cheaper to make goods in the far east and ship them to wealthy countries. The cost of manufacture can be slashed to pence on almost everything you can think of.

Effective marketing takes several forms, but in this global economy in which we live, the internet rules business. People consult one portal in their masses……Google.

Google gives lists of websites that it feels will provide the products or services that are related to your search. It has become very good at doing this and has an effective monopoly with 80% of all search traffic. What google created was a super busy high street of highly qualified traffic. Imagine you could pick up your shop and put it anywhere you wanted. I would put my bucket shop in a high street full of people that only wanted to buy buckets.

Can you see why Google is such a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website? You can pick select keywords, and see how much traffic currently exists for them. You then know what website traffic to expect once you get your site into the top ten for that keyword.     

By doing this we can take the guess work out of our marketing, because we know how many people will be on our “High Street” tomorrow and the next day. All you then need is to get into the top ten…….. that’s the easy bit………. visit Search Engine Optimization For more details

Is it the calm before the storm?

June 12, 2009

Gordon Brown must be wondering where all the chaos has gone during the last 24 hours. He has had a whole day without a tragedy of some description or another befalling him. New cabinet collegues struggling with expenses claims is run of the mill good day stuff these days, water off a dead ducks back you might say.

I can’t help but feel that this is indeed the calm before the storm and that shortly he will be under assault once more.

Until that day comes….. happy days for Mr B.

Automated Sales Calls – the plague

June 10, 2009

Tell me something?…….. somewhere sits a man,….. a business man who in his wisdom has concluded that if he bombards the UK public with recorded messages selling, gas, electricity, debt help etc that we the public will thank him for this useful and thoughtful service and sign up to whatever tat he is peddling.

Are you kidding me? Selling is a skill, a talent. It required rapore, an understanding of  basic psychology, empathy with your prospect, dialogue.

Carpet bombing Great Britain with this low cost, low effort automated irritant has just introduced a new low into our lives. No doubt they will make a few sales and no doubt a profit too, but what about us, the masses who have this dross inflicted upon us. I am signed up to the preference service, but to no avail, it seems that these auto sales companies can bypass that system and call me anyway. On Sunday evening at 9.45 pm wanting me to change gas suppliers.

I will tell you one thing, and might I recommend that you do the same. I have a rule, it is this, “Never do business with people who piss you off cold calling you….. it just encourages them.”

I have yet to listen to a whole message in order to be able to make contact with the dumb arse at the other end, but if they don’t desist shortly I will be suing them for harassment, invasion of privacy etc

Join me in repelling this sales blight from our lives, only if we show a united front can we stop these lazy, unimaginative companies from invading our lives on a daily basis.

An easy guide to todays World Politics

June 9, 2009

I thought in light of recent elections and the many different political factions on offer, I should explain to those who don’t understand the political system exactly what each different political ideal consists of and indeal stands for.

To explain this properly, we shall be using an agricultural model in the form of two cows:

“Communism is where you have two cows, your neighbours help you take care of them, and you share the milk.”

“Russian Communism is where you take care of two cows, but the government takes all the milk.”

“With Cambodian Communism the Government takes care of both cows and shoots you.”

“While with Fascism the Government takes both cows, hires you to take care of them and sells you the milk.” 

“With Thatcherism you got sold shares in both cows and then the government abolishes free school milk while under EU Bureaucracy, it pays you not to milk the cows, takes both, shoots one, milks the other and pours the milk down the drain, it then required you to fill out a form to account for the missing cows.”

“It is all very different to New Labour, where the Government sells you a stake in both cows and then shoots them both and refuses to let you eat them because the beef is still on the bone.”

“And finally we come to New Old Labour, soon to become known as Brownism, the bad old days etc etc. With Brownism, you have two cows, these are taxed heavily to pay doctors wages. Very soon the cows become a liability around your neck, but you can’t sell them as they are now worthless. You want to shoot them to eat them just to survive, but anti gun laws combined with the red tape associated with animal slaughter renders that impossible and so you go bankrupt.  You sell your small holding at the bottom of the market and are left owing the bank thousands. You end up very ill, but it turns out fine as your Doctor gets to you really quickly in his new Porche.   Happy days.

How long Can Gordon Last?

June 6, 2009

It is a rapidly growing belief that the stabbing in the front will soon turn into stabbing in the back, just as soon as the Eurn Election results come in on Sunday. It is now clear just how untenable Gordons tenure has become and for all his declarations that he will soldier on long enough to guarantee that this country never recovers from his reign, I for one believe his conviction even less than he does.

It seems to me that he was trying to convince himself, not us when he stood up to speak “Candidly” to us.

If I had top put money on it, I would bet that he is gone by Tuesday night. Having aborted his reshuffle in favour of a suicide pact with brutus et al, having all but sacked Alistair Darling last week, only to lack the balls to carry it out for fear of creating another enemy, his position has never been weaker.

On top of all this, the Telegraph has clearly been sitting on the information published this morning that Gordon claimed expenses on two houses at the same time for a sum similar to Darling who he refered to as unacceptable.

There is a part of me that thinks I am being generous giving him 72 more hours in power…….