Mosley and Ecclestone Determined to bite the hand that feeds them

How can two men collectively set about destroying something as histroic as Formula 1? I can’t be the only one that is amazed that these two are emmersed in their own power struggle with the teams that take part in the sport. The problem seems to lie in the fact that Max and Bernie think that the F1 plaything that has fed them so well all these years is indestructable and that no matter how much they dick around with it it will always be the pinacle of motorsport.

I have to disagree with their hypothasis at this point as the value of F1 is in the competitors, first and foremost. We all tune in to see Ferrari, Mclaren, BMW, Renault, Toyota, etc do battle, we seem to be enjoying the current situation where a comparative minnow is winning and showing all the big budget teams how it should be done, but that comes down to design prowess and efficient team management.

Max and Bernie rolled out a list of half a dozen possible future teams, all of which will fail to arouse any passion, love or admiration in the same way that the current collective do. Formula 1 will take place whereever the big teams race, as to be the best you need to race against and beat the best. Filling F1 with teams spending £30 – 40m per year might give bigger grids, but not better racing. If I want to watch small budget teams racing I will watch F3 or GP2, all that will be achieved is the devaluation of the GP spectacle.

I can see a breakaway series launching within the next year and F1 losing it’s most prized assets. It shouldn’t be allowed to happen, if two men are allowed to decide the future of our sport then it should be two different men to the two currently making the decisions.

Williams have today been suspended for the GP Teams association for breaking ranks and entering for the 2010 F1 season. Frank is an honourable man and as he has already been paid to compete next year and is contracted to do so he has stuck by his commitment to do so. It is great to see honour demonstrated as it should be, but you can’t help but wonder if he was happy to do so?


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