Last Chance Saloon for F1

With US F1, Campos Racing, Lola and Litespeed GP ready to enter next years Formula 1 championship who needs Ferrari, Renault, BMW, Mclaren etc etc….. Max and Bernie run the risk of devaluing a sport that prides itself on being the pinnacle of motorsport world wide.

The attempt to cap the teams to £40 has already got massive holes in it. In addition to driver pay and engines being excluded from the cap, it is also rumoured that there will be an additional employee waiver to allow a high paid designer for example to be employed.

The loopholes are already massive and I can imagine the playing field becoming more level, just appearing to be on paper for those who don’t look to deeply. This could allow a team to spend double or treble the cap and still remain within the spirit of the cap, whilst the second tier teams who are queueing up to have a go will struggle to make any impression at the back of the grid.

What will happen tomorrow? Will anyone else follow Williams into Bernies open arms?


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