Is Cyber space filling up?

Recent reports that the internets capacity is fast filling up is causing concern around the world. It is estimated that demand could double in 2009 as more people work from home. This has to be a somewhat flawed arguement however as infrastructure will no doubt expand to allow for this growth. The current network is very different to the phone systems we had only a few years ago and so it is my conjecture that rather than see the internet grind to a halt, it is more likely to continue to expand unabaited. Our usage has indeed grown massively, in fact the internet is today in 2009 over 75 times the size it was in 2002 when measured in exabytes of traffic per month. This is largely due to the way that we use the net however, in has only been in the last few years that video and music could be reliably streamed to the masses. It is interesting to see that in February 2009 there were over 35 million downloads from iplayer, which is 5% of all UK internet traffic.

We will continue to advance in our net usage, and a the infrastructure in expanded the usage will expand to fill it, it will ever be thus.


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