Government Sleaze

I suppose we should ask ourselves if it is almost to be expected for our elected representatives to be a bunch of good for nothing self preservers. It has after all been a long time since any of them exhibited what you might call honour or gallantry. We probably have to go back to the likes of Cecil Parkinson to find someone who fell on his sword rather than bring their party into disrepute.

These days it seems to be all about hanging onto your job until they dismiss you as you get a better severance package that way. It is a long way from honourable.

In recent years the government has trebled the size of its non elected advisory staff and the question has to be…… why? Time and again these people show themselves to be incapable of making rational, mature choices.

I was brought up to believe that the buck stops at the top. Someone should take responsibility for the shambles that is 10 Downing Street. We as a nation have bigger fish to fry than a few stupid, ill advised emails sent by the likes of Damien Mcbride to Derek Draper, but still have they no self respect, let alone respect for the institution that they are allegedly serving?


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