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Government Corruption goes Supersonic

March 31, 2009

We always knew that the majority of public servants only do so in order to feather their own nest at the expense of the unwitting tax payer. Lets face it, running the country is a thankless tast with at least 50% of the population not agreeing with a single thing you say or do, so the odd benefit in kind is only reasonable in order to get anyone to take on the job in the first place.

However, much with anything else given time, the human brain manages to normalise consistent habits and so it is with the flagrant abuse of the expenses system in Government. The way that Jacqui Smith has abused her position and defended herself by saying that she has broken no Parliamentary rules only goes to demonstrate that it is the fundamental backbone of the house itself that should be called into question.

Just because it it not against the rules to manipulate the housing allowance, that shouldn’t stop your own morality meter from casting its own judgement….. and in this case, it appears that there are many MP’s that appear to lack a clear understanding of what morality is, let alone applying it with any kind of diligence.

In situations like this it would not be unexpected to see several MP’s fall on their collective swords in order to protect their party, the integrity of the government and the UK in general, but with such an amazing lack on collective morality in the first place it is highly unlikely that any of the self serving, pocket lining right dishonourable members of the house will deign to grace us with such a show of rectitude.

It is yet another sad day for democracy in the UK that we lack a leadership with the strength to put their own collective houses in order.

Roll on the gravy train to hell.