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Gordon Bloody Brown

November 1, 2008

“I am the best person to get us out of this mess”… indeed you are Gordon, as you made the mess, you might actually have the self awareness to realise your mistakes and fix them? No, it seems not. Someone please give me one example of when spending like a lottery winner has prevented, lessened or avoided a recession….. anywhere, anytime… at all?

Gordon caused this problem, prudent my arse…… he is a fool and anyone who thinks he is, like Moses gonna lead us into the promised land is a fucking idiot too.

The first acts that Gordon made in 1997 were to sell off our remaining Oil reserves to foreign companies, next in his masterstroke he sold off all our Gold reserves so he could spend the cash on wages for made up jobs like “Smoking cessation officer”….. these two acts have resulted in us having to go cap in hand to borrow in order to lend money to the unregulated banks that Gordon thought were so clever. He allowed them to continue unregulated and perpetuated this crunch through his own weak policies.

If you let hedge funds sell stock they don’t own, it instantly becomes far easier for them to bet on weakness rather than strength. It takes talent and hardwork to choose rising stocks and to back them intelligently, but any halfwit can pick on a depressed market, choose the weakest company and short sell it until the company is fucked………. oh……… except for in Germany obviously where Porche succeeded in putting the smile back onto a million faces by engineering the biggest Hedge fund slaughter in history……. funny as fuck……… to watch the fund managers whining because their methods bit them on the arse…….. they have lost $24 billion apparently……….. ha fucking ha……. dumb fuckers!

Back to Gordon…… he has squandered the healthy financial state that he inherited in 1997, he has spent and spent and wasted billions of pounds, whilst saving nothing for a rainy day. Well, the rainy days are coming and we are going to have to borrow just to survive. The UK has gone from being the 4th largest economy in the world to the 6th, very soon we will be overtaken by Italy………. for fucks sake!

The amazing thing is, Gordon and his supporters don’t think the country is all fucked up….. they truly think that all is well and he is doing a good job…….. unbelievable!!