The rapid evolution of Olympians……

The commentator on Eurosport today sat watching the same 100m mens final that I was watching and stated without so much as a smirk that the evolution of man was breathtaking……… I laughed out loud.

For those of you who missed the race, Usain Bolt from Jamaica, all 6ft 5″ sprinter of him….. galloped down the first 70m so fast that he dropped his hands in a “how easy is this” gesture and coasted over the line, 5 yards ahead of his nearest rival….. and still broke the world record…. with 0 wind assistance. If he had carried on running he would have been close to a sub 9.6 which is not just breattaking, it is also piss taking as evolution just doesn’t happen that fast.

Call me a crazy old cynic if you like, but all this will come out in the wash….. rule number one when cheating is try to look like its difficult and you really tried hard……. grinning and smirking as your supercharged arse flies across the finish line just isn’t the way to avoid questions being asked.

Just because an athlete passes a current drug test, doen’t mean he isn’t ripped to the tits on something good…. just that he isn’t ripped to the tits on something that is currently tested for. In much the same way that a man high on dope will pass a breatherlyzer, the authorities are always one step behind the cheats. It has always been thus, and will continue to be so, as long as the spoils are worth winning.

Mark my words, in a few years time they will be swapping the medals about again……..


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One Response to “The rapid evolution of Olympians……”

  1. smurph77 Says:

    I agree with you 100%. It’s amazing how people tend to overlook the fact that todays athletes, in most sports, are destroying times from 10-15 yrs ago that were set by known drug users.

    I also like the fact that you mentioned Usains height because that brings up a point I’ve tried to make to some of my friends. ‘Performance enhancers’ are the greatest thing to ever happen for the tall athlete because they give them the strength/power assistance required to overcome their leverage disadvantages. I don’t want to ramble on, so I’ll make a quick observation. We’ve gone from a time where the elite sprinters averaged ~5’9″ tall a decade or two ago to now where 4 of the 5 top sprinters from 2008 were taller than 6’0″ (the 5th one was 5’11”).

    According to the research I’ve read, drugs started being used by athletes in the 1950s. So, once again I believe you’re correct in stating the current athletes have access to some enhancers that are unknown to the testers.

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