A Level Results

Here we are once again, witnessing the 28th consecutive year of school pupils becoming smarter.

Is that really what we are supposed to believe? Whilst I wouldn’t want to decry the undoubted efforts of all our school children, the current methods of measuring their performance is nothing short of ludicrous.

If course work is allowed to represent so much of the final mark and the pupil is given several attempts to improve his or her coursework before it is finally handed in to be graded should we not be more concerned that students are still stupid enough to fail?

I know we live in a world where school kids aren’t allowed to compete with each other. so that there are no losers and the fat kids don’t cry, but surely these kids are going to implode when they hit the big bad world and realise that life is a competition. Some fat kids might actually put down their donuts and trot after the school bully, thus getting some excercise and not dying of a heart attach at 38.

If I was a parent, I would kick my kids arse for anything less than an A using the current marking structure, because anything less than an A equals laziness, nothing more…. oh, perhaps some latent stupidity also, but if the kid can’t copy stuff out of a book, and then make the changes his teacher tells him to then he deserves a life asking if “you want fries with that?”

An article in the Daily telegraph last week stated that in tests, todays kids receiving an A would have been given a C 20 years ago. Did a handful of C’s and B’s do us any harm? No, because they were considered valuable. The theory of giving every kid half a dozen A’s each has rendered the qualification system a laughingstock, and given the universities no way of knowing which kids can actually read and write. So the solution……………. to invent an A* grade……….. starting in September 08, the brightest kids will be working towards an A*, in 10 years time will it be A**** ?

All I can really add is that you couldn’t make it up….. un …. fucking ….. believable.


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    Please add my blog to your blogroll too so that we can stay in touch through our blogs.
    Thanks much

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