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Dwain Chambers Denied Olympic Run

July 24, 2008

It is wildly refreshing to see a public body make the correct choice. I was almost stunned into silence by the British Olympic Commitees ruling that Chambers lifetime ban should apply.

I was half expecting a ruling by the European court of wining lapdogs to allow him to disgrace us again just so as not to impinge upon his human rights.

I salute the decision in that it protects us all and sends out a very clear message that cheats will never prosper. That is an important message in this day and age. Just because he put his hands up once caught, it is no reason to allow him to represent our great nation once more. It should be regarded as an honour only bestowed upon the greatest sportsmen of the time. To have allowed him to run would have sullied all that the Olymics holds dear.


Dwain Chambers world class cheat

July 14, 2008

As a nation we find ourselves in an invideous position, for we are about to potentially make a legal decision that will forever change the moral fabric of our society.

Chambers is by his own admission a cheat….. as if admitting it somehow makes it acceptable. He is going to court for the right to “represent ” Great Britain in China at the Olympics. Personally I do not wish to be represented by a man like Chambers. He took drugs in order to gain an unfair advantage of legitimate sportsmen and yet once caught still lacks the moral code to accept his punishment of a lifetime ban. He should not be competing in athletics anyway, at any level. He should not be allowed to take part in the parents race at his kids school, let alone on the world stage.

If the court this week decide that cheats do actually prosper then an intricate part of Great Britain’s moral fibre will have been irrevocably torn apart. What sort of an example will the law makers be showing the stab happy youth of today by letting this low life go to China? Is it really OK to cheat and con your way to glory and financial gain? Is it OK to dupe the public at every turn? If the court finds in Chambers favour then our only hope is that some deranged yob sets about the shameless waste of good air with a machete, thus saving us the embarrassment of seeing him wearing the union flag on the world stage. 

Dwain, take it like a man. You are cheating scum, we do not want you in our squad. Accept that and go crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of. You  brought shame on our country once, and that cannot be allowed to happen again.

Tough Times??

July 10, 2008

It was reported this week that Las Vegas is having a hard time weathering the current economic storm.

The City which not so long ago considered itself to be recession proof is tking a much bigger hit that it ever expected to. So far this year, four casinos have filed for bancruptcy including Tropicana Entertainment, which defaulted on (£1.35 billion) debts.

In recent years the casinos have diversified away from pure gambling houses into shopping, restaurants, expensive boutiques and expensive entertainment, and it is these areas that are showing the biggest drops in revenues. When the casino giants on the strip are showing losses then maybe it is time to panic?

Now that 60% of casino revenues are generated by non gaming activity, it is only natural that they will become more vulnerable to consumer spending cutbacks, especially at the top end of the market.