James Allen? Why……?

Of all the commentators, experts or even enthusiastic amateurs, why on earth would you choose to have James Allen commentating on Formula 1? He clearly knows very little about the sport, or cars in general judging by half of the inane comments he makes. At least back in the day, Muddley Talker has some personality and energy in his comments. Ok, so factually he was just as pointless, but it does beg the question who gives out top jobs to blatantly unsuitable muppets?

I feel compelled to watch each Grand Prix as I have done ever since I got sucked into the sport by my Father as a boy, but I suspect along with most of the nation I am getting hacked off by that useless twat droning on about the wrong driver in the wrong car, and why modern cars have a wheel at each corner.

This is a high tech sport, the majority of the viewers appreciate someone who is capable of stringing together a coherent sentence about what is actually on the fucking screen instead of whatever dumbass thought entered the vacuum where his brain ought to reside. I saw a chap at the BTCC meeting at Donnington earlier this month wearing a “James Allen must be stopped” T shirt…….. says it all really.

I can only shudder to think who we will get next as F1 moves back to the BBC…… Jade Goody?……. Janet Street Porter?………… Fern Britten? I daren’t suggest any more as I am probably just giving the daft fuckers ideas! ………. Oh……. how about that daft old bat who had five minutes of fame not being able to pass her driving test 40 odd times? Bound to be first choice?!

In a world of dumbing down, I think the sooner the powers that be dumb up and sack James Allen the better. MotoGP is much better racing, with commentators who know their sport and have tongues connected to their brains.

No disrespect intended to Martin Brundle, who always does a great job of delivering the information that the other twat is incapable of.


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One Response to “James Allen? Why……?”

  1. fifthdecade Says:

    I agree, he’s a real pain to listen to – and is getting worse.

    He reminds me of a kid in school who always talked like he was the expert, but never really knew much about anything. Sadly, these types impress those who know even less but who are impressed by their brown nosed determination and enthusiasm for themselves being the expert that they give them a job.

    Typical example of “the empty vessel makes the most noise” IMO.

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