The last days of the Labour Government

So here we are witnessing the final death throws of a toothless Government. Devoid of leadership, finally seen for what he is, Gordon Brown is now a true lame duck Prime Minister. Since his party defeat in the Crewe by election his leadership has become untenable.

As Chancellor he spent ten years systematically raping this countries resources and us the public, now his policies are all coming home to roost. High tax, high spend has never worked in any country on earth. It has only ever lead to high inflation, high borrowing and financial doom. This craziness has to end, and end it will.

We now have no money in the bank, as a country of personally, so how will we weather the downturn? This Government has encouraged the public to borrow many times more than was borrowed in the late 80’s boom in order to keep the economy afloat this long…….

Hold tight for the implosion people……….. it’s gonna be a biggy. 


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One Response to “The last days of the Labour Government”

  1. fifthdecade Says:

    I agree, Brown is too controlling to be a good leader. But God help us all if Cameron and his cronies get in though. They’re so filled with Euro sceptics the only thing that’s green about them is the puss leaking out of their mouths when they follow the Daily Mail’s lead and spout a load of nonsense.

    I’d love to see a LibDem Government for a change – not because I’m a life long supporter because I’m not, I’ve never voted LibDem – because the other two parties have for so long proven themselves to be self-serving idiots, racked with corruption, liars, and criminals. I mean, just look how many Tory MPs have actually gone to prison!

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