Supermarket dominance

Is it just me? It seems to me that the big four supermarkets are beginning to reap the rewards of the anti competitive high street killing practices of the past 20 years. They have decimated the quantity of petrol stations that we have to choose from. If you recall they used to offer petrol that was always 5p per litre less than surrounding stations. These days there is no price difference, very few competitors for them, and bizarrely, the fuel that they sell is not of the same quality as other trusted brands. That was how they were selling it cheap initially, by excluding certain detergents that other fuels contain which keep your engine it good condition and operating as efficiently as it can. Now we are in effect paying non supermarket prices for supermarket fuel….. and strangely queuing up to do so!

Milkmen are almost extinct these days. The supermarkets set out to capture certain markets, milk, fuel, fresh veg, meat etc……. but in order for this plan to work for them, their products needed to last for a week as that is how often Mrs average is prepared to visit an out of town store. Doorstep milk will last for 3 days refrigerated, maybe four, so how come supermarket milk lives for a week or more? Is it magic milk? Maybe it is. This magic milk was initially dirt cheap compared to doorstep deliveries, so the take up was huge. Milkmen couldn’t compete as they were incapable of buying their milk for the price the supermarkets were selling it. As a result we now pay inflated prices equivalent almost to the prices charged by surviving milkmen! Once the competition has been squashed supermarkets have no barrier to stop them raising their prices. Currently this is happening across the board on many products under the guise of global food prices. This is nothing more than a smoke screen to hide their corporate greed.

Soon we will have no butchers, bakers, milkmen, independent petrol stations, florists, or dry cleaners and we will then be at the mercy of the big four.

Is it a coincidence that alongside the rise of long life milk, bread, veg, fruit etc that all lasts substantially longer if bought from a supermarket rather than from a traditional high street trader, that the level of people incapable of digesting these products has also risen. Go to countries that do not have massive supermarket empires domination their food provision and count the level of milk intolerance, bread intolerance etc…… one goes hand in hand with the other.

The supermarket chains are very powerful and very wealthy, they will do what it takes to protect their customers from the truth of what they are doing to our food in order to make it last a week or more. The supermarkets are killing us in the name of profitability and market dominance and our government is looking on and doing nothing.

There has been a massive rise in recent years in products to deal with food allergies and intolerances, one of my favourites is Gluten Free Recipes


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One Response to “Supermarket dominance”

  1. fifthdecade Says:

    Not sure who the Big 4 are, but certainly planners who gave pride of place to single large supermarkets in out of town locations and then stopped other supermarkets from opening up there played into the hands of the Big Two – Tesco and Sainsbury – who own most of the planning restricted sites in all the plum locations. You are right to be wary of their monopoly power.

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