Global Warming

It can’t be denied that the planet is warming up. It has been doing so ever since the end of the last ice age. There was a time when glaciers stretched from the north pole down past the Mediterranean touching Africa……. but that was tens of thousands of years ago as I said. Since then we have colonised countries as their climates suited us and now think it is bad form that the temperatures that we are comfortable with are becoming less and less common.

Yes the planet is warming up, ice caps are melting just as they have done before. The Earth has had changing climate patterns for millions of years, not just thousands. I basic terms, when the poles are large ice caps there is less water as a liquid, which leads to less cloud cover which leads to more Sunshine which warms the planet which melts the ice caps which leads to more water and more cloud cover and less sunshine and then cooler temperatures.

For  Man to decide that a few carrier bags made from hemp and a handful of low energy light bulbs will be the answer is nothing short of rediculous. The oceans emit more co2 than humans, volcano’s emit more co2 than humans, and cows farting emit more co2 the industrialisation full stop.

What our governments can do however is jump on a taxable bandwagon and milk it for all it is worth. If gas guzzlers were actually going to kill us all they would ban them……. but, how do they make money by banning them? They can’t, but they can tax the “Fat cats” that dare to drive them….. this is kind of bizarre as it is fast becoming an even greater status symbol to own a very highly taxed car.

If the government wanted to actually fix the problem they could be proactive and actually stop us doing harmful stuff……. we all know that if you smoke you will live a shorter life and probably die a mucky cancer related death……. so ban tobacco …… it kills people……. but it is taxable so lets not!

The Kyoto Treaty will only be effect if the whole planet signs up and abides by it. Currently the UK are in danger of creating a small “No Pissing” section in the swimming pool while the rest of the world remains commercially competitive and pollutes to their hearts content.

Plastic bags in the Uk represent less than 0.2% of landfill refuse and most of that is as a reused bin bag themselves so if they tax them or outlaw them we the public will just have to buy purpose made binbags…. with purpose build landfill tax already included.

We are being scammed by the whole global warming situation. Yes the planet is warming, but thinking we will stop the rise in temperature by using energy efficient Light bulbs althought they won’t do any harm. We may as we decide that we want to make the world spin the other way round, because we can’t make it do that either! Unless we all turn off all the power stations, our heating, stop using our cars, stop rearing cows to eat and cross our fingers no volcano’s erupt we are going to make very little difference through the pointless token jestures that the government has so far implemented.

 Deeho Search engine Optimisation believe that the future of the planet lies in technology and using it to overcome problems that we can’t fix.

These my friends are the words of Ghengis.



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One Response to “Global Warming”

  1. fifthdecade Says:

    What you’re missing is that the planet warms and cools on a cyclical basis, like someone breathing in and out. Problem is, the planet is long overdue for breath to escape, only it’s still inhaling and worryingly close to permanent damage. The cooling we should by now have experienced for the last 1,000 years in the 20,000 cycle just hasn’t happened. Instead, the world has gotten suddenly much hotter. In the last 100 years, particularly.

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