My Second Coming…

Ghengis Khan

It seems to me that in these troubled times what the good people of the World need is strong leadership, decisive action and a kick arse leader to guide them to a better place. As you may be aware I once controlled the greatest Empire that the World has ever seen. It made the Victorian Empire look feeble by comparison. In my prime I ruled over more than a third of the planet…… not bad for a lad from the mountains I am sure you will agree?

So I am back, to offer my leadership, guidance and strength of personality to the lost nations on Earth. Follow me and together we will rise up and rid the world of banal, pointless, lefty thinking and steer the path back to wholesome right wing, bloodletting and rule by force of will. I showed during my first reign on Earth that Individuals, Tribes and Nations need to be controlled for their own well being and happiness, they need a leader to lead from the front, not by media vote, not by what is popular, nor indeed by what the people think they want……. the people don’t know what they really need their leaders to do for them, instead they should put their trust in an omnipotent leader and back him with their heart and soul.




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