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James Allen? Why……?

May 25, 2008

Of all the commentators, experts or even enthusiastic amateurs, why on earth would you choose to have James Allen commentating on Formula 1? He clearly knows very little about the sport, or cars in general judging by half of the inane comments he makes. At least back in the day, Muddley Talker has some personality and energy in his comments. Ok, so factually he was just as pointless, but it does beg the question who gives out top jobs to blatantly unsuitable muppets?

I feel compelled to watch each Grand Prix as I have done ever since I got sucked into the sport by my Father as a boy, but I suspect along with most of the nation I am getting hacked off by that useless twat droning on about the wrong driver in the wrong car, and why modern cars have a wheel at each corner.

This is a high tech sport, the majority of the viewers appreciate someone who is capable of stringing together a coherent sentence about what is actually on the fucking screen instead of whatever dumbass thought entered the vacuum where his brain ought to reside. I saw a chap at the BTCC meeting at Donnington earlier this month wearing a “James Allen must be stopped” T shirt…….. says it all really.

I can only shudder to think who we will get next as F1 moves back to the BBC…… Jade Goody?……. Janet Street Porter?………… Fern Britten? I daren’t suggest any more as I am probably just giving the daft fuckers ideas! ………. Oh……. how about that daft old bat who had five minutes of fame not being able to pass her driving test 40 odd times? Bound to be first choice?!

In a world of dumbing down, I think the sooner the powers that be dumb up and sack James Allen the better. MotoGP is much better racing, with commentators who know their sport and have tongues connected to their brains.

No disrespect intended to Martin Brundle, who always does a great job of delivering the information that the other twat is incapable of.


The last days of the Labour Government

May 24, 2008

So here we are witnessing the final death throws of a toothless Government. Devoid of leadership, finally seen for what he is, Gordon Brown is now a true lame duck Prime Minister. Since his party defeat in the Crewe by election his leadership has become untenable.

As Chancellor he spent ten years systematically raping this countries resources and us the public, now his policies are all coming home to roost. High tax, high spend has never worked in any country on earth. It has only ever lead to high inflation, high borrowing and financial doom. This craziness has to end, and end it will.

We now have no money in the bank, as a country of personally, so how will we weather the downturn? This Government has encouraged the public to borrow many times more than was borrowed in the late 80’s boom in order to keep the economy afloat this long…….

Hold tight for the implosion people……….. it’s gonna be a biggy. 

Supermarket dominance

May 19, 2008

Is it just me? It seems to me that the big four supermarkets are beginning to reap the rewards of the anti competitive high street killing practices of the past 20 years. They have decimated the quantity of petrol stations that we have to choose from. If you recall they used to offer petrol that was always 5p per litre less than surrounding stations. These days there is no price difference, very few competitors for them, and bizarrely, the fuel that they sell is not of the same quality as other trusted brands. That was how they were selling it cheap initially, by excluding certain detergents that other fuels contain which keep your engine it good condition and operating as efficiently as it can. Now we are in effect paying non supermarket prices for supermarket fuel….. and strangely queuing up to do so!

Milkmen are almost extinct these days. The supermarkets set out to capture certain markets, milk, fuel, fresh veg, meat etc……. but in order for this plan to work for them, their products needed to last for a week as that is how often Mrs average is prepared to visit an out of town store. Doorstep milk will last for 3 days refrigerated, maybe four, so how come supermarket milk lives for a week or more? Is it magic milk? Maybe it is. This magic milk was initially dirt cheap compared to doorstep deliveries, so the take up was huge. Milkmen couldn’t compete as they were incapable of buying their milk for the price the supermarkets were selling it. As a result we now pay inflated prices equivalent almost to the prices charged by surviving milkmen! Once the competition has been squashed supermarkets have no barrier to stop them raising their prices. Currently this is happening across the board on many products under the guise of global food prices. This is nothing more than a smoke screen to hide their corporate greed.

Soon we will have no butchers, bakers, milkmen, independent petrol stations, florists, or dry cleaners and we will then be at the mercy of the big four.

Is it a coincidence that alongside the rise of long life milk, bread, veg, fruit etc that all lasts substantially longer if bought from a supermarket rather than from a traditional high street trader, that the level of people incapable of digesting these products has also risen. Go to countries that do not have massive supermarket empires domination their food provision and count the level of milk intolerance, bread intolerance etc…… one goes hand in hand with the other.

The supermarket chains are very powerful and very wealthy, they will do what it takes to protect their customers from the truth of what they are doing to our food in order to make it last a week or more. The supermarkets are killing us in the name of profitability and market dominance and our government is looking on and doing nothing.

There has been a massive rise in recent years in products to deal with food allergies and intolerances, one of my favourites is Gluten Free Recipes

Global Warming

May 17, 2008

It can’t be denied that the planet is warming up. It has been doing so ever since the end of the last ice age. There was a time when glaciers stretched from the north pole down past the Mediterranean touching Africa……. but that was tens of thousands of years ago as I said. Since then we have colonised countries as their climates suited us and now think it is bad form that the temperatures that we are comfortable with are becoming less and less common.

Yes the planet is warming up, ice caps are melting just as they have done before. The Earth has had changing climate patterns for millions of years, not just thousands. I basic terms, when the poles are large ice caps there is less water as a liquid, which leads to less cloud cover which leads to more Sunshine which warms the planet which melts the ice caps which leads to more water and more cloud cover and less sunshine and then cooler temperatures.

For  Man to decide that a few carrier bags made from hemp and a handful of low energy light bulbs will be the answer is nothing short of rediculous. The oceans emit more co2 than humans, volcano’s emit more co2 than humans, and cows farting emit more co2 the industrialisation full stop.

What our governments can do however is jump on a taxable bandwagon and milk it for all it is worth. If gas guzzlers were actually going to kill us all they would ban them……. but, how do they make money by banning them? They can’t, but they can tax the “Fat cats” that dare to drive them….. this is kind of bizarre as it is fast becoming an even greater status symbol to own a very highly taxed car.

If the government wanted to actually fix the problem they could be proactive and actually stop us doing harmful stuff……. we all know that if you smoke you will live a shorter life and probably die a mucky cancer related death……. so ban tobacco …… it kills people……. but it is taxable so lets not!

The Kyoto Treaty will only be effect if the whole planet signs up and abides by it. Currently the UK are in danger of creating a small “No Pissing” section in the swimming pool while the rest of the world remains commercially competitive and pollutes to their hearts content.

Plastic bags in the Uk represent less than 0.2% of landfill refuse and most of that is as a reused bin bag themselves so if they tax them or outlaw them we the public will just have to buy purpose made binbags…. with purpose build landfill tax already included.

We are being scammed by the whole global warming situation. Yes the planet is warming, but thinking we will stop the rise in temperature by using energy efficient Light bulbs althought they won’t do any harm. We may as we decide that we want to make the world spin the other way round, because we can’t make it do that either! Unless we all turn off all the power stations, our heating, stop using our cars, stop rearing cows to eat and cross our fingers no volcano’s erupt we are going to make very little difference through the pointless token jestures that the government has so far implemented.

 Deeho Search engine Optimisation believe that the future of the planet lies in technology and using it to overcome problems that we can’t fix.

These my friends are the words of Ghengis.


Who makes all the dumb decisions?

May 16, 2008

Having been out of the loop for hundreds of years, clearly I have some catching up to do. I am struggling however to fathom out exactly how civilisation (if you can call it that) has evolved into a world of bleeding heart lapdogs.

How on earth can it be right that some low life can break into your house in order to rob you, and yet if he trips over your loose carpeting or a rug you can be sued for his injuries and actually have to pay the scum compensation……………. why is that? Who thought that would be a good idea? Who voted for it?

How can we have reached a point in time when the only way the police have to reduce serious crime is to solve far more minor crimes, thus lowering the percentage of bad stuff? By counting all the speeding fines, failure to wear a seat belt, using a mobile whilst driving etc ( you know, all the serious crimes) it has the effect of making the rising crime wave of assaults, rapes and murders look less significant. Is the public that stupid to believe this number massaging?

While we are on the subject of Government number crunching…….. is your inflation rate 3% like mine apparently is? How in hell do they expect us to believe them? The basket of goods from which the inflation rate is taken used to include staple items and goods 15-20 years ago, but today it includes everyday purchases such as jeans, flat screen tvs, etc…. all incidentally, items that have reduced in price in recent years.

Meanwhile while this is going on fuel prices have risen by over 40% in 6 months, food prices are doing likewise and all at a time when the only source of financial stability the family home is teetering on the brink of a potential value collapse. The true inflation rate is currently off the charts as it has been towards the end of each and every Labour government we have ever had. The great thing is Brown continues to fiddle while we all burn…… he will tell us we’ve never had it so good next.

My Second Coming…

May 16, 2008

Ghengis Khan

It seems to me that in these troubled times what the good people of the World need is strong leadership, decisive action and a kick arse leader to guide them to a better place. As you may be aware I once controlled the greatest Empire that the World has ever seen. It made the Victorian Empire look feeble by comparison. In my prime I ruled over more than a third of the planet…… not bad for a lad from the mountains I am sure you will agree?

So I am back, to offer my leadership, guidance and strength of personality to the lost nations on Earth. Follow me and together we will rise up and rid the world of banal, pointless, lefty thinking and steer the path back to wholesome right wing, bloodletting and rule by force of will. I showed during my first reign on Earth that Individuals, Tribes and Nations need to be controlled for their own well being and happiness, they need a leader to lead from the front, not by media vote, not by what is popular, nor indeed by what the people think they want……. the people don’t know what they really need their leaders to do for them, instead they should put their trust in an omnipotent leader and back him with their heart and soul.